Monday, September 22, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has had its highs and lows, but such is the nature of life! 

One of the greatest blessings was getting to meet and teach Kim-- the neighbor of a family in the ward.  The Graves family have been praying for missionary opportunities and all their invitations seem to be hitting dead ends.  But the day before "invite a friend to church day"  Kim called them up and asked if she could come to church with them because she really wanted to learn more!  Totally out of the blue!  She wasn't able to make it to church, but Sis Graves invited Kim and her family over for dinner the next night with us and we were able to introduce her to the Church.  She has been so prepared!  She noticed the ways the Graves family is different from other families in the neighborhood and she thought it might be their church.  She said she's tried several different churches and none of them are working for her, so she decided to go out of the box and call up the Graves and ask about their church.  Later that week when we were able to teach her the restoration, she said that she just felt that everything we were saying was true.  She is so attune to the spirit!  It was a great lesson! 

I was taught a lot from that experience.  People really can see the Spirit and light of Christ in the lives of us as members of the Church.  The power and influence of just living the gospel really can change people's lives.  I knew that the Lord was aware of the Graves' desire to share the gospel with those around them.  He didn't answer their prayer in the way that they thought, but because they had faith enough to invite those around them, He helped put His daughter who He'd been preparing into their path.  The Lord really is preparing people to hear the gospel all around us! 

I love you all and I'm so grateful for your love and support!  I couldn't do this without the strength from your prayers and without Heavenly Father and Christ holding me up. 

Hope y'all have a great week! 


Sister Hales 
Emily met Erica in her first area of West Hills.
 Erica has since been baptized and she and Emily got to have lunch together.

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