Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hey Fam!

Yesterday Elder Corbridge of the 70 came to speak to us. What great training we received!  Elder Corbridge is such a nice man and a great teacher.  Sister Paxton and I are already looking for ways to implement what he taught! We've been having a hard time getting our investigators to come to church.  Maybe it's what Elder Corbridge said-- they don't understand the doctrines well enough.  That's going to be something we work on this week.  Right now we have four investigators with a baptism date, but they aren't coming to church for one reason or another--one was sick, one had a family member in the hospital, the other two just didn't show up.  Sister Paxton reminds me of the guy from The Best Two Years because she invites everyone to be baptized, but it's good!  Hopefully we'll be able to help these people come closer to Christ and actually want to come to church!

This week we began teaching a guy named Darren that we ran into on my first day.  We tried meeting with him before, but he wasn't home.  We were over in his neighborhood to teach someone else who wasn't home, so we stopped by his house and he was there and said we could teach him.  When we got to the part about prophets and apostasy he asked what we were in today.  When we told him that we have a prophet, he was so excited!  "This is a BIG DEAL!" he kept saying, and it's true!  It really is a big deal that Heavenly Father loves us so much that he calls someone on the earth to talk to us and teach us what we  need to do!  Such a blessing!

The members in our ward have been so good to us.  Since we're in a car share, the members have been nice to give us rides when we don't have the car and come out to appointments with us.  It's so different from missionary work back in Utah!  Back home, we hardly ever saw the missionaries (because they were divided between several wards), but here, I feel like a needed member of the ward.  The ward members are becoming my friends and they are teaching me lots! I feel so blessed to be in an area with such a supportive ward family.  

I love being a missionary!

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