Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I got transferred to Abingdon, VA and I really like it here!  My new companion is Sis Little and she's great!  She wants to work hard and loves being here!  I feel so blessed to have her as a companion. We got a lot of snow this week.  It was like Utah!  We took a ruler in our backyard and measured 8'' of snow and then it snowed again the next day. Crazy! 

So Abingdon it a small town, but we have pretty much all of Washington county, VA and then some.  So size isn't really a problem. There used to be two sets of missionaries in the ward, but one of the elders got his visa and they were going to be moving apartments anyways so they pulled them out so we have all of the sisters investigators and the elders' investigators to work with.  It's great!  There are lots of good things going on in this ward.  A once less active man just received the Aaronic priesthood yesterday and was just glowing with the spirit during gospel principles.  A 15 year old boy is getting baptized on Saturday and his mom was once less active and is now really excited about coming to church each week!  A great benefit of this ward is that we get to teach YSA age investigators! (in West Hills we would have to turn them over to the YSA ward missionaries-- we had to turn over at least 4 or 5 investigators.) We're working with a guy who is really promising!  He has been having lots of spiritual experiences and is doing really well.  There is a part member family that we're working with who are also doing well and making process!  The mom is now dedicated to the gospel again and her boys and husband are making progress and will hopefully come to church this week!  There are lots of good things!  The ward is pretty small, though I heard there were a lot of people gone because of the snow.  I guess we'll see!  Abingdon kind of reminds me of Idaho, houses with farm land and pastures and barns in between.  It's really pretty!    I'm excited to be here! I can already tell that this is going to be a great transfer!

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