Monday, April 7, 2014

Dear Family and friends,
Life is going well out here in Abingdon!  The highlight of our week was being able to watch general conference and be spiritually fed by the general authorities of the Lord! We were able to watch a session with the Joyce family, and they seemed to really enjoy it! 
We were able to have a lesson with Brad this week and the Spirit was really strong.  Thank you for your prayers on his behalf!  Unfortunately, we weren't able to see him for long since Tuesday.  He said he would come to a session of general conference, but he let other priorities get in the way and decided not to come.  It's hard to see your investigator deny themselves of spiritual opportunities!  He's so close to experiencing all the blessings of the gospel, but he doesn't see them in himself yet.  Hopefully we'll be able to help him see the love his Heavenly Father has for him.
Our ward had a teacher appreciation dinner this week and we got to help serve the food.  The kids in the ward nominated teachers that meant a lot to them and the teachers were all invited to a special dinner at the church where they were honored for their service.  It was a neat way to reach out to the community. 
Funny story of the week:  we were at Emory and Henry (the local college) with Hillary (a new member in the ward) and when she was introducing us to some of her friends a girl looked at my name tag and said, "I thought your name was Jesus!"  We all laughed, but it reminded me that I am a representative of Jesus Christ and it inspired me to work even harder!

I hope you all enjoyed conference and that you are all doing well! Love you all!

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