Wednesday, April 16, 2014

On Monday we were finally able to go bowling with Sis Adams and we had so much fun!  She helped Sis Little score go from 70 to 111!  I had a hard time keeping my arm straight (we'll just blame the broken bone as a kid ;) so I didn't improve a ton.   But whenever we did what Sis Adams told us, we were able to get ourselves out of any mess we bowled the first time!  She keeps us laughing all the time!
We had a good lesson with Nick this week.  They have a little duck pond at the center of campus where we've been meeting with him. I love the spring time here! It is beautiful!  We were talking with a guy from our ward who goes to Emory and Henry and he told us that you were more likely to get kicked out of school for touching a duck or going in the pond then for smoking pot.  They really love their duck pond!  Nick is doing well-- Sis McMurray invited him over to their house for dinner and lesson tonight! We are excited!
We had a great Zone Training Meeting and it got me really excited about working with the members of the ward.  We started that same day and I can see this is going to be successful.  I used to think if members had friends they wanted us to teach they would just tell us, but now I'm realizing that we can encourage members (in a loving way) and help them feel the spirit who will bring names to their remembrance.  So far we've only met with three families, but two of them have thought of names they hadn't before and we are having dinner with one of them on Friday!
We got to do a lot of service for people in the ward this week, especially Sis Whitlock as she's getting ready to put her house on the market.  It's sad because we're spending so much time with her and getting close to her right as she's getting ready to leave!  oh well, I guess that happens!  She is such a great example to me and a wonderful woman.
I've heard Rachel (my roommate) say following your stomach and following the spirit is pretty much the same thing so after dinner on Saturday when we were feeling a dessert craving we decided to go to the ice cream shop.  I was craving sweets, but I felt like something would happen because of it.  When we were there, we were talking to this guy in line (turns out his friends is LDS and went to BYU!) but he wasn't that interested.  So when we didn't get any new investigators I thought that was kind of odd, but we went on.  We decided to go to a less active's house we had never met before and right after we pulled up, she came home!  She was only going to be home for a few minutes so it was perfect timing!  We had a good talk with her and found ways we could help her. I'm grateful Heavenly Father orchestrated that so we could meet her! 

It's crazy to think that this was the last week of Christ's life and that last year we were walking through the streets of Jerusalem with thousands of other Christians waving palms and singing praises to Christ! It was such a great experience-- I'm so glad I got to be there during Easter time. I hope this will be a Christ-filled Easter for all of you.

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