Monday, January 5, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Happy New Year!  I always enjoy a new beginning-- a time to relect on what's happened and what's to come! It was fun to go to ward council yesterday and feel the renewed excitement and enthusiasm they have to help the ward continue to move forward and help further the Lord's work in this little corner of the vineyard right here in the Pellissippi ward.  I'm excited for the part my companion and I will play. 

Yesterday we had so many people at church!  For investigators, we had Travis and Felicia and their kids Gabe and Isis who came for Sacrament meeting. Bethany- David's wife came for Sunday School and Sacrament meeting.  For not so active members, the Marshalls came along with Julie Kennedy! We've been inviting Julie to church since August. With the new time at 10:30, I think a lof of people are more willing to come :)

We had a neat opportunity to teach this week a little unexpectedly.  A man came to fix our laundry room (it flooded last P-Day) and he could tell that we were missionaries (the name tag, the picutres of Christ kind of give it away).  Before he left I invited him to church.  He said he just moved and was looking for a new church.  It's great how the Lord puts people in our paths! 

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