Monday, February 23, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
We are still having ice storms and lots of cold weather.  I found out on Saturday that I'm going to be staying in Pellissippi for my last transfer-- so I'm going to serve here for SIX transfers.  That is CRAZY!! I know that the Lord has a reason why I am here, it's just up to me to figure that out!  I'll have spent 8.5 months here by the time I leave!  It's like home!  It's strange that this is my last transfer as a missionary. 
We had a lesson with the S family, and they are doing so well!  When I was in the Hardin Valley ward, Brother S still wasn't sure if this was all true and had a lot of questions.  Now he's getting the Melchezidek priesthood on Sunday!  They have plans to go to Utah to get sealed this summer and are going to talk to the Bishop about their patriarchal blessings.  So neat!  I mentioned to them that two years ago joinging the church wasn't even on their radar and he said, "now it's completely changed our lives." I am so happy for the chance I had to meet their family and see how happy they are with the gospel now in their lives.  
We also had a lunch appointment with a sister who served her mission in Italy about 15 years ago.  There was only a district in Rome at that time, but the people there were promised that one day there would be a stake and eventually a temple.  It seemed so long off because the people were so unreceptive.  It's neat to see that the Lord's promises always come to pass!

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A Buddist Temple around the corner from our house

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Shoveling our walk
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Beautiful icicles

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