Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hello Family!
So the weather has been kind of crazy this week!   Everyone warned us that a "big storm" was coming Monday, and when we were out grocery shopping we started to get some freezing rain and got a text telling us not to be driving.  So we headed home and camped out there for the rest of the day.  It started to snow later that day and we woke up with a bunch of snow everywhere!  (Well, a bunch of snow for Tennessee!).  Here the snow turns to ice which makes it different from back home.  We had an inch of ice all over our car yesterday.  But we had to make it out so we could go hear Elder Christofferson! He was delayed a lot and we had to cut our meeting short, but it was still really neat. Learning from an apostle of the Lord is always a special opportunity.  One thing he said was, "The Lord leads this church.  He's a very active leader of this church.  Take it from someone who knows."  

All of our lessons this last week (except for 2) were with members. It was a lot of fun to be working with the members a lot more this week.  It's been fun to work with the people in Hardin Valley in addition to the Pellissippi ward.  People are making progress!   It's exciting!! 

Sorry I don't have time to write much this week.  Know that I love you!  Hope you had a safe trip to California, tell Aunt Doris that I love her and that I'm praying for her!  Hope you have fun playing ping pong!  Joseph, hope you get feeling better!  Happy Birthday!  

Love y'all!   
ice covered trees

petting a beautiful horse

the Sharp family

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