Monday, November 18, 2013

Good news: I've been out for my first transfer!  Bad news: my trainer is getting transferred :(  I'm really going to miss her!  I guess the Lord has other places for her right now, but I have learned so much from her and have been so grateful for the chance to learn from her.  Hopefully I'll be able to keep the work progressing here and help the people we're teaching continue down the road toward baptism. 

It was so exciting to have so many people at church this Sunday!  Lisa came, Joe and Brandon came, and Marielle brought her 12 year old daughter, her sister, and her sister-in-law!  We had stake conference and they broadcasted it to our chapel, so it was a little bit different, but the same Spirit was there.  Hopefully they'll come back and see how Sunday works the rest of the weeks! 

Joe and Brandon are doing really well-- Brandon (10) is ready to get baptized, but his Dad, Joe, is still working on his answer, though each time he says it feels more and more that our church is true.  Lisa is getting so close to being off cigarettes.  She used to be smoking two packs a day of 280 cigarettes a week and this last week she only had 3!  She really wants to get baptized so she's working hard to let go completely.  She's suffered with depression, but the more we teach her, the more she finds meaning in her life.  I'm so happy for her!  It's amazing how the gospel can make all of your life better.  I'm so grateful that I have this chance to be a part of it! 

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