Monday, November 25, 2013

I survived my first transfer!  It's crazy that I've been a missionary for over 6 weeks now-- sometimes I feel like this has always been my life, but other times I feel like I just barely got here.  I was a little bit worried about being left in this area after only serving for 6 weeks, but so far things are going well.  I'm still trying to get the hang of things, but I am learning lots and we've been able to stay busy everyday.   I really love being here in West Hills.  I know the area more and I know the people better now. I feel so blessed to be here.  

I've been reminded of the power that the Book of Mormon has this week.  The morning of transfers, I was feeling really stressed and worried, so I knelt down for guidance and comfort and felt prompted to read the Book of Mormon.  I sat down and started in Alma 58 where I had left off.  This is the story where Heleman and his armies were trying to take back the city of Manti, but their armies are impossibly outnumbered; there is no way that they could defeat them if they went and attacked the city on their own.  So they poured out their hearts in prayer for strength (v 10) and then God told them that He would give them strength to over come the impossible odds.  It was one of those moments where the scriptures were speaking directly to me.  I felt calm that Heavenly Father would help me and my new companion retain the people we were already teaching and give us strength to continue to find people to teach and lead them to baptism though it seemed a hard task.  It's amazing how the Book of Mormon can help us in any trial we are going through!

Even though it was hard for me to let Sis Paxton go, I really like Sis Peck!  It's neat to have a companion with a new perspective on the area and the people we are teaching.  One thing we do every night that I love is that we share something that the other companion did really well that day.  It's such a small thing, but it makes such a difference to end the day looking on the positive side of things!  

Lisa is all set for baptism this Saturday at five and I cannot wait.  We've been meeting with her several times a week for nearly 2 months now and she is ready to be baptized and can't wait for all the blessings of membership in the Church.  She went from smoking two packs a day to being smoke free now for 10 days and counting.  I met Lisa on my very first day in the area and I am so excited to see her be baptized :)  She is incredible!  

Joe and Brandon are still doing well and are still reading the Book of Mormon and coming to church.  The men in the ward have just embraced Joe and really love him.  They invited him to go to the Turkey Bowl on Thursday (which he's going to!) and to play golf with them and even have offered job opportunities to him (he's been out of work).  Brandon loves the kids in Primary and always has a friend to talk to.  I think they know it's true in their hearts, but it hasn't quite worked its way up to their heads yet.  Soon though!  

I'm so grateful for all the blessings we have here!  There are so many wonderful people in this area and I love getting the chance to serve and love them more!

Taking Sister Paxton to transfers

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