Monday, December 2, 2013

I can't believe it snowed this week! I thought I was coming to a warm mission!

Things were a little bit slower because of Thanksgiving-- lots of our investigators, less active members, and regular members were out of town or busy with family. However, we were still able to find some new investigators and are excited to continue teaching them. Three of them have Muslim backgrounds which is not something you find everyday!  Two of them are immigrants -- one from Iraq and the other from Liberia. I have the hardest time understanding Abraham's accent! (He's the one from Africa).  Thankfully between the two of us and our team up from the ward, one of us can understand what he's saying and can answer his questions.

Thanksgiving was a great day! I was worried that it would just make me miss home, but the members took such good care of us and took us into their arms that I felt very loved and at home!  We had two hours of "turkey bowl" time, but it was too cold outside, so we relaxed indoors and I loved it!  We had lunch with the Bryces and dinner with the Millers. The ward was so good to us!  We got to eat both meals with all 7 missionaries in the ward which was a lot of fun as well.

Lisa got baptized on Saturday! The spirit there was so strong and everyone there felt it. Even though it was a holiday weekend, there were still many people from the ward who came to support her! She is going to continue to have lots of love from the ward :) Unfortunately, she was unable to come to church on Sunday because she got really sick after her baptism. I forget that Satan continues to work on people even after they get baptized. Hopefully she can get better quickly so she can receive the gift of the Holy Ghost!

Sister Peck and I really enjoy serving together! She always has cheesy jokes and we spend half of our time when we're not teaching laughing.  I'm so grateful to be with her this transfer!

Love you all and hope you had a great thanksgiving!
 Lisa's baptism
Snow in Knoxville

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