Monday, December 9, 2013

West Hills is the suburb just west of Knoxville where Emily is currently serving.

Emily didn't get a chance to write a blog this week, but I will fill you in on what she told me this morning when we were emailing.  The two sisters she was sharing an apartment with were transferred to different areas in a mid transfer.  Another sister, Sister Bogg is now joining them in a three-some.  She really misses the sister missionaries she was with, but she is happy to now have access to a car everyday.  Since her ward only has five missionaries now, they have been able to teach more people.  Lisa, the lady who was baptized last week, still has not been to church to receive the Holy Ghost.  Please pray for her that she can be strong. If you want to send Emily a Christmas card, I know she would love to hear from you.  Her address is:
Sister Emily Hales
3100 Lake Brook Blvd. #215
Knoxville, TN 37909
She would also love any new recipes if you would like to mail her one of your favorites.  Thanks for all of the love and support you are giving her as she serves the Lord!
Julie Hales

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