Monday, December 30, 2013

Hello family and friends!  I hope you all had a great Christmas-- we sure did here in West Hills!  The ward took such good care of us and we felt so loved all of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  It was so fun to skype with my fam! Thanks for all the Christmas packages and cards-- they meant the world to me!  I felt very loved and it helped me not be home sick :)

Good news: I'm not getting transferred!  I'll be in West Hills with my same companions for another 6 weeks!  Sis Boggs will spend her last transfer here so we're going to make it a great transfer for her!  And what a better way to kick it off than with a baptism! Joe finally committed for baptism!!!!! He's getting baptized on Jan 18th with his son Brandon!  He was at church on Sunday and we were talking about a ward mission plan in the 3rd hour.  He was so excited to go on team ups with us and start going to the temple and just being an involved member of the ward.  His heart has changed and it is wonderful to see!  I am looking forward to their baptism and I'm so glad that I get to be here to see it!  I can't wait!!!!!

This was our last week of 9 AM church (and 7 AM meetings)-- next week we get to switch to 11:30 church and don't have to wake up earlier than our typical 6:30 wake up call :)  All of our investigators and less active families are excited too!  Hopefully this will help more people come to church! :) 

We went on exchanges this week and had a good time.  The sister training leaders just live in the neighboring area but they have down town in their area.  It was fun to drive through and see the city more.  Their area is like Salt Lake City and my area is more like Draper/Sandy-- pretty residential.  It was fun to hang out with Sis Echman and Sis Hamilton for a day, but I was happy to see my companions again after the exchange :)  

Love you all and hope this year brings you experiences to come closer to Christ!

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