Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas!  Christmas time is always my favorite time of the year and this one has been a good one!  This has also been the warmest Christmas in living memory (I guess AZ was probably warmer, but I don't remember!)-- it was 76 degrees!  It's back in the 40snow, but I'm not complaining :)

This week we got to participate in a secret Santa. A family in our ward called us and said that they had a friend who wasn't going to have any money for her kids to have Christmas presents this year. This family decided to take some of the presents for their kids and give it to this family. When another ward member found out, she said, "Before you go, come meet me at Walmart because I want to get them some presents too!" I was so touched by their Christ like love and their desire to share what they had with their friend. We were the ones who got to deliver the presents to Rebekah and she was touched. She's been talking to these families for a while about the Gospel and has a lot of questions and Rebekah said that we could come back when she was back in town after Christmas to start teaching her the lessons! She is so sweet and has such a sweet spirit about her. I can already imagine her as a member of our church with so much to offer. 

Saturday night as we were getting ready for bed, our fire alarm went off.  Not just the typical annoying beeps when you burn something on the stove, but lights were flashing and alarms were blaring through our whole building.  We quickly grabbed our coats and went outside.  Nothing smelled like smoke, but we were a little anxious!  Everyone was really confused outside.  When we heard the sirens and then saw the firetrucks pull up, I started to get more worried.  If the firetruck was there, things seemed a lot more serious!  However, he came out quickly and told us that someone had burnt their dinner really badly!  I'm glad everyone and everything was ok! That certainly doesn't happen everyday!

The missionaries got roped into singing "Away in a Manger" and even though our elders aren't the best of singers, it turned out just fine!  One of our very sweet and super blunt less active sisters told us that she was expecting the worst and she was pleasantly surprised!  We were part of the choir and it was really fun to sit on the stand and look out and see everyone.  There were lots of our less active families there! It is fun that I know so many people in our ward.  That's probably a sign that I'm getting transferred soon...  we'll get the transfer call Saturday morning, so I guess I'll find out then!  

Thanks for all the Christmas cards and packages-- they mean so much!  I feel very loved :) 
I love you lots and hope you have a great Christmas!  

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