Monday, July 21, 2014

This has been a pretty typical missionary week, but a good one nonetheless! 

Brother Gestewitz decided to start a Book of Mormon study group at the church on Wednesday nights and our first class was a hit!  Brother Joyce is FINALLY starting to really read the Book of Mormon and loves it.  It's so neat to hear him ask questions that show that he really gets it!
We got a referral from a member last week to teach his friend Sid.  Sid is a character (but everyone in the south is!).  After our first lesson we invited him to read from the Book of Mormon and were hopeful that he'd read.  He called us later to reschedule our next lesson because he was sick, but said he loved the chapter we left and asked if there was anything else he should read.

 We gave him a few more chapters and are excited to see him again soon! 
At district meeting this week, the AP's brought up some packages that were at the mission office and much to my surprise, one of them was for me!  Whoever sent me chocolate covered cinnamon bears, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  What a great surprise! 

Missionary work is wonderful-- I love serving the Lord!

Emily and Sister Cox at Hidden Valley Lake 

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