Monday, October 6, 2014

Dear Family and friends,

This week was a good one!  We went on exchanges with the West Hills sisters this week and it was so fun to go back to my old area!  I got to see some old friends and make some new ones.  It was neat to see families I worked with progressing in the gospel.  They have a light in their lives, they are happier, and they are sharing the gospel with others too! The gospel truly blesses families :)

We had another lesson with Kim this week and she's doing really well.  She needs the blessings of the gospel in her family right now and is slowly finding that peace and comfort as she continues to learn more.  On Tuesday evening she and her 17 year old daughter received priesthood blessings to help her as she's going through this divorce.  The spirit was so strong! 

We were finally able to talk with a referral-- Glenda-- for more than 5 minutes this week!  It was great to see how the spirit was softening her heart as we spoke and explained what we do.  I'm excited to meet with her again and continue to watch her life come in even closer alignment to Christ's gospel!

This week as we were driving we decided to divert our plans and stop by Ronnie and Casey's house.  They are hardly ever home and the one time they were, they didn't seem too receptive.  But this time was different.  Ronnie's father had just passed away and he said he really wanted to talk with us.  Knowing that you helped answer someone's prayer is such a good feeling.  It's very humbling and makes you realize the importance of following the smallest promptings even when you don't understand them completely.  We were able to meet with them again and they said they're going to start coming to church (Ronnie's a member and Casey is not) and Casey said that she wants to learn more!  If it's true, she said she'd be baptized!  With some people you can just see how much happier and better their lives will be if they live the gospel and I know there are so many blessings in store for them as they continue to make changes in their lives! 

Conference was just the icing on top of a great week!  As we watched one of the sessions with our 86 year old investigator, Chuck, so many of his questions were answered!  He even accused us of calling Salt Lake and requesting those topics!  It is amazing how Heavenly Father answers all the prayers of his children :) 

Sister Hales and Sister Lee

The sisters in Emily's zone all met for a picnic lunch.

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