Monday, October 27, 2014

Hello Everyone!

We've had another full week of missionary work!  We got to attend the transfer meeting (even though we weren't getting transferred)-- another perk of living so close to everything!  It was so fun to see everyone!  Sis Peck and Sis Paxton-- 2 of my trainers-- both went home this transfer.  It was fun to talk with both of them!  I got to see Sis Little and Sis Cox and Sis Husted also!  All of my companions who are still in the field were there!  It was great to see everyone :) 

This Sunday Travis and Felicia and their family came to church for the second week in a row.  That was a miracle!  Sis Hileman came for the first time all year, and Julie K came for the first time in forever!  It was such an answer to prayer.  It was great to see how the ward just welcomed everyone with open arms and just loved and welcomed them unconditionally.  It was the Primary program and everyone who came just ate it up. The kids bore such sweet testimony of why families are such an important part of the gospel. It was really sweet and the Spirit was really strong. 

I am so grateful for prayer and how Heavenly Father answers our prayers.  It's amazing that the most powerful being in the universe wants to talk to us and bless us because He loves us all.  It's such a blessing.  

I'm grateful for my wonderful family and friends. Thanks for all your love and prayers!
Emily and her companion came across this tombstone and thought the last name was very interesting.

helping Sister Griffin get ready for the new missionaries

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