Monday, March 10, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,
Sister Little and I worked really hard this week and doubled the number of lessons and new investigators! That was such a blessing!  We feel like people truly are getting placed in our paths and we are being led to people to teach.

Our most exciting investigators right now are the Joyces. We weren't able to teach the Joyce family this week because Marsha, the mom, has been sick all week.  Hopefully we will see them tonight.  I have high hopes for this family.  The Joyces are foster parents and the two boys we're teaching they adopted through the foster care system a year or so ago.  I think of how much those boys went through (though I honestly don't know any details, but I've heard that life as a foster child is pretty rough) and I think of the blessings that come from being in a stable home. Then I think about all the blessings the gospel could bring.  I wish everyone in their shoes could be so blessed. I know they are blessed because they are good boys and they are ready to hear the message of the gospel.  It'll be a slow process, but they will continue to move forward! 

We had a lot of first lessons with a lot of people this week, but we are trying to get back in touch with a lot of them as well.  There is one guy, Jim, who we met who shows a lot of promise!  We met him outside while he was chopping wood and he said that we could come back since he "loves talking about the Lord."  We left him a restoration pamphlet and when we came back, he had actually read it!  But he read that we had the Aaronic priesthood back on the earth again and asked about the Melchizedek priesthood since Jesus Christ was after the Melchizedek order.  How many people outside the church know that?  The more I learn about the Bible, the more my testimony is strengthened that this really is the true church completely restored.  Some of his beliefs are what we believe, but the gospel could add so much to his understanding! He told us that he doesn't believe any one church has all the truth today, even the church he goes to is wrong, but he's doing the best with the knowledge that he has. I think if he listens with an open heart he will realize that this is the church he's been looking for.  

Spring is just around the corner!  It's exciting!  This week we have stake conference and zone training, so it'll be a week of spiritual enlightenment!

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