Monday, March 3, 2014

This past p-day we got to explore the city of Abingdon a little more and it was a lot of fun! Today we are going bowling with our district and a 75 year old lady from our ward is going to teach us how to bowl-- she was in a bowling league back in the day and quite good!  Pictures to come!

We are in the tri-cities area: Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol- Bristol being the closest (only 10 miles away).  Fun facts about Bristol: the Bristol motor speedway is mentioned in the opening scene of Cars, and Bristol is the real home of country music!  Kind of fun!

The Joyce family came to church this week!  We taught them about following the prophet and the Word of Wisdom and it went really well!  The family is great! They really want to be baptized as a family and are working towards this goal.  It's really neat to be able to teach a family and think about how much the gospel will be able to bless all of them.

On Saturday, the Marion Elders in our district were having a baptism.  We really wanted to take Brad since he wasn't able to attend Chandler's baptism, but he cancelled on us again.  So we just went with Hillary who got baptized in September.  We had a nice time.  It was a 15 year old boy and his father and sisters are now working towards baptism and his mom (already a member) is coming back to church!  But the best part was on Sunday when Hillary bore her testimony and told us how going to the baptism really helped her remember the feelings she had when she was baptized and how it blessed her life. 

I'm so grateful for all the blessings of the gospel. This truly is Christ's Church back on the earth today!
Sorry this isn't longer--but know how much I love you all!

 The Martha Washington Hotel in Abingdon
Walking around a pretty lake in Bristol

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