Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hello Hello!
This has been an exciting week!  This week our ward put together a booth for a local fair that gathers thousands of people from the area.  We were able to talk to a lot of people this week and set up some appointments to visit with them and teach them more about the gospel! We're just starting to scratch the surface of all the people but we are already meeting lots of great people! 
We met with a lady in our ward who we've been trying to get to come back to church, and when we went over, she told us that her grandchildren wanted to hear the lessons!  In fact, she was going to call and cancel on us, but her granddaughter Maggie wouldn't let her.  They even came to church on Sunday!  Maggie is 9 and is so sweet! I am so excited for the chance we have to teach them :)  I love being around kids!
The Lord is pouring out so many blessings to us and giving us small miracles all the time.  Sometimes they are so hard for anyone else to understand because they are so personal to my companion and me, but I know that the Lord is so aware of us and can't wait to answer our prayers.  I'm so grateful for the gospel and for families.  It's great to know that wherever I go, I will be surrounded by my new family.  The gospel really brings people closer together!
Emily and Sister Cox went on a nature walk on Memorial Day

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