Monday, June 2, 2014

Exciting news:  we have a new investigator with a baptismal date!  His name is H.G. Fouse Jr.  He is 75 and lives in a retirement home, but he is soaking it all in and loved coming to church yesterday.  He told everyone that he was coming back next week!  He has strong and simple faith.  He is such a blessing!

Missionary work takes a lot of faith, but I know that Heavenly Father really wants us to succeed and will help us when we try.  Last week at the library we walked passed this family and I thought, "I should go over and talk to them" but I kept walking by.  I walked passed them again to go to the bathroom and got a similar impression, but I walked by again.  The third time when I was walking back to the computer I saw them and walked by.  I stopped and told Heavenly Father, "I have no idea how to begin talking to them, but if they are ready for the gospel, please help me know what to say!" so I took a deep breath, gathered up my courage and went back to talk them.  They said they were looking for a new church and that we could come over and see them!  We were only able to teach the wife for a few minutes on Sunday, but as we taught her a brief version of the restoration, she felt the spirit and said she'd pray about her and her family being baptized.  I know the Lord is on our side as we do His work!  He takes our best efforts and will take care of the rest.

Love y'all!

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