Tuesday, June 10, 2014

We’ve had a great week!  We’ve been able to teach Chandler at the Bishop’s house twice this week (he’s been spending a lot of time there with Sammy and Joey) and had good lessons with them.  We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and gave everyone a part to teach.  It was so neat to walk into their home and see all these Preach My Gospel’s around and to see people studying from them!  I hope that scene will be replicated in my future home.  I hope Chandler will have a renewed desire to strengthen his testimony and recommit to the gospel.  He taught part of the lesson too and did a good job.  He is a great kid! 

I got to give a training for our Zone on Saturday and one of the points I focused on was asking for referrals from everyone.  I’ve been refocusing on asking everyone and Friday we asked SO many people, but no one had any referrals for us.  Then the next morning we got a referral from the Kingsport Sisters!  I felt like Heavenly Father was telling us that He was aware of our efforts and then sent out blessings to make up what we couldn’t do on our own.  He is a loving God!

On Saturday night we still didn’t have a ride for H.G. (who, by the way, is doing awesome!! He is so excited to get baptized and is preparing for the 21st of June!) and we didn’t have a ride for ourselves for church.  We had called a lot of people, but we really shouldn’t have waited for so long.  It was kind of our fault for not starting earlier and I felt so bad that H.G. wouldn’t be able to come to church.  When we knelt down to pray that night we were honest with Heavenly Father.  I told him that I knew we had messed up and that we really needed His help.  We asked Him to help us make up the difference and help us find a ride to church for H.G.  It was 10 pm and church starts at 9 am.  So it was too late to call anyone else and probably too early to call people the next morning and I really didn’t know what to do.  Right after we ended our prayer, Sis Bauserman said she would take us.  We had sent a text to one of our priest aged ward missionaries and the next morning when we woke up, he texted us back and said he could take HG if we still needed him to!  I  am so grateful that Heavenly Father answers our prayers through other people and that even though we should have started sooner to get him a ride, Heavenly Father still helped HG come to church and feel the Spirit there.  I’m so grateful for the gospel and I know that when we humble ourselves and realize we can’t do this alone, Heavenly Father comes in and gives us even greater strength. 

 Country music started in Bristol, Virginia
Welcome to Bristol sign - right on the border of Virginia and Tennessee

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