Monday, June 23, 2014

The work is going well here in Abindgon! Things aren't perfect (obviously) but there is a lot going for us right now.  The members are coming out with us 5 or 6 days a week, they feed us almost every night, and they are slowly starting to have friends for us to teach.  There are about 3 or 4 people we are working with who were referrals from members!  Chandler (15) got baptized in February and then didn't come to church for three months, but is starting to come back now.  We went over to his friend Becca's house and taught her with two of their other friends also.  These 14/15 year olds come from rough backgrounds-- divorce, drugs, half have attempted suicide, and they question if there really is a God.  I really felt like the Spirit helped me know how to answer their questions.  Becca still isn't sure if there is a God, but she said by the end of the summer she'd be willing to at least pray (baby steps).  But what was super neat was that Chandler was able to bear his testimony and tell his friends at one point he didn't know if there was a god or not, but then he prayed and he knew.  He got to bare his testimony several times and his friends really listened.  It was a neat experience for Chandler.  

We have a baptism this weekend!  Our 65 year old investigator HG Fouse Jr. is getting baptized!  He is so excited!  He'll be baptized exactly one month after we first taught him.  It is such a miracle!  The Lord helped us so much and put so many different wheels in place to find HG.  I love meeting so many different people out here and helping them feel the happiness of the gospel.  Missionary work is the best!

 fun quilts Emily saw on her last PDay
 Emily thought they should visit Saltville to remind them of the great Salt Lake:)

A fun windmill at Saltville

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